Sitefinity Designers Workshop Released to the Public on Github

Sep 20, 2019

Sitefinity Training

Today I am releasing the 3rd of 4 Sitefinity Workshops in order to encourage ALL Sitefinity Designers to take this Course/Workshop at their own pace and free of charge.

This workshop is to get Designers up and running quickly with Sitefinity and allow them to style a site with ease. This workshop will help you design a Sitefinity site (Page Templates, Feather, MVC, Resource Packages and Legacy WebForms styling and themes as well) that will get you to master the design of Sitefinity in no time.

I hope you enjoy the Workshop and let me know here in the blogs or on Github what your thoughts on the Workshop and any future wish list you would like to see.

In the next few weeks, I will be releasing the remainder of the Workshops as well for Developers.  My goal is to enable everyone that is interested in mastering Sitefinity to do so on their own pace and free of charge.
I will continue to teach the official Sitefinity classes by Progress every month which allows interactions and questions during the classes as well.

You can find the repository

Happy Learning! Go Sitefinity!

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