Installing UCommerce in Sitefinity 11

Jul 17, 2018
This blog will help you install the UCommerce Module into Sitefinity 11.
First, upon loading your Sitefinity 11 project in Visual Studio, right click on the project in the Solution Explorer and choose "Manage NuGet Packages"


Next, you will search the online packages for "UCommerce.Sitefinity" Nuget package.


Install the package into your solution


Notice all the dependencies that will be installed alongside UCommerce in Sitefinity


during the installation, you will need to accept several license agreements

and finally UCommerce is installed in your solution of Sitefinity with the final screen in Visual Studio looking something like this:


Build your project of Sitefinity in Visual Studio and browse the project in your favorite browser.

Login to the backend and you should be able to see a new menu item next to "Marketing" that says "UCommerce".


In some cases, the UCommerce Menu item does not show up (it happened to me on several machines), it is no big deal, you just have to install the module yourself.

Head on over to the backend --> Administration --> Modules & Services and click on "Install a Module"


Make sure the TYPE is pointing to "UCommerce.Sitefinity.Module.UcommerceModule, UCommerce.Sitefinity"
Save and make sure to restart the Sitefinity application from scratch

Now UCommerce is installed and ready to setup in the backend.
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