Sitefinity 11 for Developers Book Released

Jul 5, 2018
 SF11DevCover Excited to announce the immediate availability of the Sitefinity 11 for Developers book.
You can purchase your PDF copy at 

If you are attending the official Progress Sitefinity for Developers Online Training class, no need to purchase this book as you will receive a copy with the book before the start of the class.
You will learn:
* How to develop Widgets for Sitefinity in Web Forms and MVC
* How to Use the Standard APIs and Fluent APIs
* How to work with Pages, Content, News, Blogs, etc...
* How to work with Taxonomies, Forms and Controls on a Page.
* How to work with the Web Services API
* How to work with the SVC WCF based services
* How to build Widget Designers including Angular  
* How to work with Authentication in Sitefinity
* How to work with Dynamic Types.

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