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I made it, thank you for your prayers

For the last 4 years and 3 months, I have been enduring the stress and pain of surgically placing a Lap Band around my stomach in order to lose weight.

The operation on December 13th 2008 almost cost me my life, but with a lot of prayers from friends and family all around the globe, I was able to survive it and get out of my 3.5 weeks of induced coma in the ICU at Good Samaritan hospital in Los Gatos, CA.

I lost 128 pounds in the last 4 years and 3 months because of the operation, so I am very grateful.  The price was very high though, as I had to live with the fact that I had to endure throwing up DAILY for the last 2.5 years.

I accepted the fact that throwing up every day is part of my life going forward in order to live longer for my kids’ and wife’s sake.

Few months ago, after a routine check, I found out that the lap band is causing erosion on the outer stomach because of the excess vomiting and the doctor was concerned.  He recommended removing the lap band within 3 months otherwise the consequences are far worth than being obese.

 The decision was very hard.  Do I trust myself never to go back to the old days of eating like Shrek or do I stick with the lap band?

Well, the decision was made that now with a personal trainer, exercising, already used to the smaller quantities, suffering for 4+ years, etc… I decided to remove the band and live a normal life while watching my food intake and working out regularly.

I have an excellent trainer, Tobin Schafer, whom trains Jessica, Justin, Cobi and I for the last 15 months and he is very committed to my well-being.  I love how he works with my kids to change their life’s style as well.

This week, on Tuesday, I went into Stanford Hospital at 5:00 AM to have the operation by Dr. John Morton, excellent Doctor.  I was very nervous, I remember what happened 4 years ago and I was praying that I will not have to go through that again.  It was harder on my family than on myself.

Well, the start was not very promising, the Anesthesiologist decided to cancel the operation at 6:45 AM, reporting to my wife and I that he does not believe my heart will be able to take it and that the risk was very high as my blood pressure was at 201/127

I was depressed, as I was already focused and ready for this day.  Dr. Morton was notified and at 7:15 AM, Dr. Morton overrode the Anesthesiologist and decided to move forward with the operation anyway.

You probably can guess how I felt at that point after a Doctor tells you “No way, it is too dangerous!” and now I am going for it anyway. Very scary and very concerning.  I am sure that did not help the blood pressure much :)


The operation went smooth and I woke up within an hour with no complications.  Thank you Lord!

I was released from the hospital at 12:00 noon and Jessica (my wife) drove me home to Capitola.

The first and second days were painful, out of the five incisions, two of them were big and the muscle was ripped so it was very painful to move in any direction.  By the 3rd day, I could move around with much less pain.

Today is the 4th day, it is now 4:30 AM and I am sitting on my comfortable chair with no pain thanking God for his blessings, for my family and for all my friends all around the world that called, emailed, faceobooked and cared.

Life is a very precious gift, take care of it and enjoy it with the people you love the most.

I promise to take care of my health, my weight, my exercising and my life style for a long time to come.

Love to all and Happy Easter!


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